Book overview

This illustrated book, Sandbank City Lagos at 150, was presented to the public, in Nigeria, on 31st January 2013. In the course of the research John and Gillian Godwin worked in partnership with a historian, Prince ‘Kunle Akinsemoyin, and a former Town Engineer of the Lagos Municipality, Engineer Timothy Aluko, to capture the breadth of Lagos’s story, including its history, landscape, physical layout and unique peoples, with an emphasis on Planning and Buildings.

The foreword has been written by Professor A. L. Mabogunje, pre-eminent Geographer now retired from the University of Ibadan, with a preface by Mr Disun Holloway, presently the Honourable Commissioner for Tourism and Inter-Governmental Relations in Lagos State.
The book covers the development of Lagos as a settlement into the most populous city in Nigeria, the second fastest growing city in Africa, and the seventh fastest growing city in the world – considered globally as a Megacity.

It is a fascinating account of how Lagos was experienced “from the time of the Bini overlords” to Nigeria’s independence, through the turbulent sixties to the anxieties and infrastructural deficits of the nineties and finally to the resilience, hope and inspirational change of the present.

The narrative has been developed from some familiar sources but relies on the author’s interpretation of the historical facts, particularly those relating to the siting of Lagos and the embedded policies, both political and administrative which, they suggest, have become an impediment to clear thinking, while welcoming the Mabogunje plan as the first essential step in the new approach to the co-ordination of the factors which bedevil the need to make Lagos work as a modern city.

As an eminently readable overview there is already a growing interest in the book’s content and it is being commended to anyone interested in the architecture and history of this Megalopolis.

The contents are covered in ten parts  – open Contents tab for more information.